June 18, 2024

Most Common Types Of Football Wagers

Football is the most popular sport to bet on in the world. Millions of dollars are bet on every single English Premier League game. Sportsbooks allow you to bet on leagues from around the world and let you make all kinds of different wagers. In this article, we are going to look at the most common types of soccer gambles.

What Is A 1X2 ?

The simplest and most common football bet is known as a 1X2. A 1X2 is a match result gambler where you are trying to determine the outcome of a soccer game. You have the option of picking either side to win or the contest ending in a draw. New gamblers often opt for this gambler but sportsbooks are pretty good at setting odds so it can be hard to find value in these markets.

How Do Draw No Bets Work?

Draw No Bet gambles are perfect for the risk adverse punter. With this wager, you pick a certain side to clinch victory but if a draw occurs you receive your money. Due to this, these bets have lower odds than a classic 1X2. You can make a Draw No Bet on any soccer game and is an incredibly popular style of gambling.

Are Double Chances Worth It?

Double Chance is another great style of football. This wagers is just like a Draw No Bet wager but if a draw happens you not only receive your stake back but you win some extra cash too! The Double Chance gives you two ways to win when gambling on a football match which significantly increases your chances of walking away with additional money.

What Does Accumulator Mean?

Accumulators involve you placing multiple single wagers and then combining them into one big gamble that only pays out if all of your predictions are correct. For example, if you place money on Arsenal to win against Fulham, Aston Villa to beat Liverpool, and Chelsea to beat Man Utd, if all your picks are right you can walk away with a giant pile of cash. Gamblers love football accumulators because you can receive some absolutely crazy odds as high as 1000 to 1. You can imagine the potential payouts if you put down $100. However, these wagers are very risky and are unlikely to happen.

Is Handicap Wagering Available On Soccer?

Football has huge handicap gambling markets. With handicap betting, a sportsbook will place a goal penalty on the side that is likely to win making it an even contest. For example, Liverpool is playing Milwall and Liverpool has a -1 goal handicap. If you gamble on Liverpool they need to win by at least 2 goals for your gamble to pay out. Professional football punters prefer these markets as it is much more difficult for sportsbooks to set odds and an accurate handicap compared to the 1X2 markets.

Does Football Have Over/Unders?

Over/unders continue to grow in popularity and are widely available on all soccer games. The most common over/under wager is gambling on how many goals will be scored in a particular match. For example, Chelsea is taking on Man City, and the over/under is set at 2.5 goals. If you take the under and there are 2 goals or less scored you win. You can find over/under markets for all kinds of things including a number of penalties, yellow cards, substitutions, and more!

Time to do it!

Now you know the different football wagers, you have more than enough expertise to start trying out these wagers for real! Just sign up to a sportsbook and browse through their soccer gambling markets until you find a gamble worth taking.