July 19, 2024

Everything You Need To Know About Sports Betting

Online sportsbooks have revolutionized the sports gambling industry and given millions of people around the world easy access to gambling markets. With an online sportsbook, you can register, deposit and start making wagers in just a few minutes! Once you have created your account you will immediately have access to hundreds of different sports, events, and competitions. With thousands of daily events to place money on there is always amazing action.

What Sports Can You Wager On?

Online sportsbooks provide gamblers with the best odds and also give them the most extensive gambling markets. You are able to go from gambling on the biggest EPL matches to then placing wagers on local Belarussian teams. Every single day there are hundreds of different games from all kinds of sports. Here are the popular sports to wager on!

  1. Football
  2. Basketball
  3. Boxing
  4. Formula 1
  5. American Football
  6. Tennis
  7. Mixed Martial Arts
  8. Cricket
  9. Baseball
  10. Golf

How could anyone get bored when they are able to go from gambling on a big boxing match in Las Vegas to the Champions League final in Paris and cap it off by wagering on a cricket match in India? Sports wagering will truly open your world!

Types Of Available Wagers At Sportsbooks

While checking out all the different sports on offer at a sportsbook you will also notice the hundreds of different wagers that are available to make right now! Sites are always coming up with new and exciting ways for you to place money on. Here are some of our favorite wager types:

  • Moneyline – Predict the winner and walk away with cash!
  • Over/under – The sportsbook sets a line (eg. number of goals) and you have to decide if the outcome will be higher or lower.
  • Futures – Gamble on your favorite team winning the league or your favorite player earning MVP honors.
  • Points totals – Guess what the final score of a game will be and win big!
  • Handicap – Sportsbooks are able to turn any contest into an even match by placing handicaps on certain teams. For example, Chelsea may start with a -1 goal handicap when playing Aston Villa.

We recommend you try out all of these wager types until you find one you really enjoy. However, once you find your niche you should stick to one bet type as this will increase your win rate.

Mobile Optimized Gambling

Did you know that you easily wager on sports from your phone? The top sportsbooks give you 100% mobile functionality and you can easily sign up, instantly deposit and wager from your mobile. There is nothing better than relaxing at the park or at the beach and quickly opening your phone to make a few bets.
Sportsbooks are available for both Android and iOs devices and many have custom-built apps that provide a world-class betting experience and you can even find dedicated apps which will further enhance your wagering experience. With the click of a button, you will have immediate access to thousands of different bets!

Live Stream Sports Events For Free!

When gambling online you are able to make wagers as a sporting event is taking place. This is known as live betting and you can find live markets on all of the most popular sports including football, tennis, baseball, basketball and more. Live betting is fast becoming the most popular way to bet as gamblers enjoy getting a preview of the result before locking in their wager. Live betting also creates an unforgettable viewing experience and due to the odds constantly updating as the drama unfolds on the field there are so many opportunities to outsmart the sportsbook and make super profitable wagers. We enjoy making live bets on football just as a player is in the process of taking a shot on a goal that looks destined to score.
Sportsbooks don’t just offer live wagering, they also let you stream sports live in HD. Sportsbooks allow you to watch all major sports live within their platform and these streams are all 100% mobile optimized. These streams are usually complimentary as long as you have made a deposit or placed a recent bet. As many of these sporting events are not available on free TV this is a highly valuable service that makes following the action super easy!

Unlock Bonuses Worth Thousands!

ipl betting India

To attract new gamblers to sign up, sportsbooks will offer a range of different promotional deals and bonuses. These deals can easily be worth thousands and used to quickly grow your bankroll. These are some of our famous sports betting bonuses:
Bonus Cash – After making a deposit many sportsbooks will match your deposit with bonus cash. For example, if you deposit $200 you can usually receive an additional $200 in bonus cash. This bonus must be bet a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn.
Free Wagers – You can often find promo deals where sportsbooks will let you make a free bet on a selected game. If you win you are free to keep the cash!
Loss Rebates- Loss rebates involve receiving a portion of your losses back. For example with a 10%, if you lose $300, the betting site will return $30 immediately! Loss Rebates are a great bonus with long term value and can be worth serious money if you are a frequent gambler.
If you want to quickly rise up through the stakes and win some easy extra cash you need to unlock a bonus. These bonuses can be claimed when you create an account. However, make sure you read terms and conditions as some have rules about certain bets and roll over requirements.

Time to Act!

Online sports betting offers so much value and excitement that you would be crazy not to try your luck. Especially because you can create an account in just a few minutes and claim a free bonus. We recommend starting off small and making a few bets on your favorite team or athlete before upping the stakes!