July 19, 2024

Basics Of Baseball Betting

Baseball continues to be a favorite sport among gamblers who are drawn in by the great odds and deep betting markets. To help you make the right wager we are going to explore some of the top baseball bets that you can make right now!

What Is A Moneyline?

The moneyline is simply the odds a sportsbook gives you for picking a particular team to emerge victorious and most gamblers opt to bet this way. Teams that are strong favorites have lower odds than teams that are expected to lose. You can find this type of gambling on all sportsbooks and it is incredibly popular largely due to its simplicity.
Here is an example to help you understand how it works. The Yankees are taking on the Mets and the sportsbook believes the Yankees should win the game so they have set it at -180 for the Yankees to win and +200 for the Mets to win. With these odds, you would have to bet $180 on the Yankees to end up with a $100 profit while a $100 wager on the Mets would pay out $200. We recommend you look for underdogs when betting this way as often the short odds on favorites make the gamble not worth it.

What Do Totals Mean In Baseball?

In baseball, you can wager on the outcome of particular statistics such as a number of scores, strikes, walks, and home runs. With a totals wagers the sportsbook will make a prediction and then let you gamble on where you think the actual outcome will be higher or lower. For example, the Rays are taking on the mighty Rangers and the line might be set at 10.5. This means if you take the under and the total score is 10 or less you win.
Totals are an awesome way to inject thrill into any baseball game no matter what is happening on the field because the outcome of your wager is dependent on all different aspects of the match.

How Do Run Lines Work?

Run lines are just like a handicap or spread gambling in football or basketball. With this form of wager, you are trying to predict the outcome of a baseball game while taking into consideration the handicap the sportsbook has put on a particular team. In baseball, it is always -1.5 or -2.5 runs which means if you bet the handicapped team to win they must win by at least 2 or 3 runs. Sportsbooks use this style of handicapping to turn baseball games into even contests where both sides have the same odds of winning.
Due to the handicap placed on a team, you will receive higher odds than if you bet that same team in the money line market. For example, say the Red Sox are paying -170 on the moneyline but with a -1.5 handicap, they are paying -115.

What Are Baseball Futures?

A futures is a very popular form of wager where you try to predict the outcome of a sporting event well into the future. Futures wagers usually involve multiple things happening before they are over. For example, the top futures include placing money on a particular team to win the World Series or on a certain player to win the MVP award. Gamblers love futures bets because they can last for the entire season and can have very high odds especially if you bet on a heavy underdog winning the World Series.

Time to Make a Bet!

After checking out our article you can now safely call yourself an expert on baseball gambling. The next step is to put your newly developed knowledge into practice and make some wagers!