July 19, 2024

How To Make Cash Gambling On Boxing

Wouldn’t it be great to watch boxing as a profession? Many hardcore boxing fans would dream of such a job! Well, it is possible if you learn to bet on boxing fights. In this article, we are going to break down the fundamentals of boxing gambling to help you pick winners!

Age Of The Boxer

As boxers age, they lose their speed (hand and foot), their reaction time, and eventually their power. Without these 3 attributes aging fighters struggle to land punches while also are more likely to suffer damage. Gamblers should be very cautious about betting on fighters who are older than 30 and are starting to cross the 35 age mark. Interestingly, aging is a case by case basis with some fighters looking well past their prime in their 20s while other fighters still looking great deep into their 30s. As a general rule, fighters age faster in the lighter weight classes where speed is incredibly important while heavyweight fighters can compete for a longer period of time.
You don’t just need to be wary about betting on old boxers. You also need to be concerned about placing cash on young fighters. Fighters in their early 20s often lack the experience required to compete on a world-class level and it is common for them to become fatigued later in a fight as they expend too much energy and don’t know how to pace themselves for a 12 round title fight. We recommend betting on boxers who are between the ages of 24 and 30 who have shown resilience in big-time fights.

Fighter’s Professional Record

The most effective way to determine the form and skill level of a boxer is to check out their record. In their record you can see who they fought, the outcome of each fight, the scorecard, and when the fight took place. You want to bet on athletes who have proven their skills against other top boxers and have also shown dominance either through scoring knockouts or winning almost every round of their fights. We recommend avoiding betting on unproven fighters with inflated records or boxers who are regularly in close contests.

Who Are The Fighter’s Promoter

In boxing, each fighter has a promoter who puts on boxing events, selects opponents, and helps guide an athlete’s career. The top promoters invest large amounts of money into boxers and know how to tell which boxer will be a champion. We recommend you stick to betting on boxers who are represented by the biggest promoters such as Top Rank and Golden Boy. These promotions know how to identify talent and set up fights that their boxers are likely to win. If promoters weren’t able to guide their boxers to victory they would soon go bankrupt so trust them when they invest heavily in a young prospect.

Stylistic Matchup

Boxing is an interesting sport as the different styles of boxers can radically impact the outcome of a match. A fighter with a great jab may be able to completely shut down the offense of a boxer who is known for fighting on the inside. Or a defensive wizard may make a knockout puncher look like a simple amateur. Before you bet on a big-time match you need to identify the styles of each fighter and then analyze how the styles will interact. Only after doing this should you decide to risk your money and pick a winner.

Time to Bet!

If you consider all of these factors you will be able to more accurately predict the outcome of a fight. Just by incorporating these tips, you give yourself a great shot at earning extra cash from a few boxing wagers.